Gaining the most from your workshop experience

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There are lots of great bellydance events happening throughout the country now and many of are taking advantage of the many fabulous workshops they each have to offer.  Being well prepared will assure you gain the most out of your workshop experiences. Here are some tips to consider.

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What level am I?

Professional bellydancers make the art look effortless & easy but anyone whose ever dabbled in bellydance knows that it is a challenge! They say that it takes 10 years of study in any dance art to become a ‘dancer’ and 25 years to become a master. Bellydance is no exception! Continue reading

Structuring a full BellyDance routine in the traditional form

The art of bellydance is comprised of what can actually be seen as being a collection of dances that are combined using a standard format to create full dance routines. Below is a guideline for creating dance routines in the traditional form of solo bellydance shows. Continue reading