USA Bellydance Queen competition

USA Belly Dance Queen 2010
Review by Carrie Konyha ©

Sept 18th 2010 commemorated the first ever “USA Belly Dance Queen” competition. This competition held at Wild Horse Pass Casino in Phoenix AZ, produced by the Arab American Association & rooted in a UNIQUE concept that is the first of its kind in USA.

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As much as we love our dance art, the fact remains that the level of discipline & practice required in order to attain a high level of mastery can sometimes become tiresome, painful, daunting & uninteresting. Needless to say, maintaining high levels of motivation is a challenge that all dancers face at one time or another.

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The Power of Imagery

Visualization or mental imagery has been used by successful performing artists through out the ages as a tool for improving the technical, psychological & physiological aspects of their art.  Research has shown that those who use imagery in preparation for performance do develop training & performance skills more effectively than those who do not.

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Dancing with Artistry

Dancing with Artistry

© Carrie Konyha 2010

As dancers, we are in the business of conveying meaning & feeling somatically, through our dance movement. In order to accomplish this most effectively, we must develop the ability to dance with artistry. Although the initial process of artistic development begins in the learning environment, practice & performance experience is what cultivates it. Continue reading

Spirit of the dance

Originally published in Shimmy Magazine. Jan 2010.

Bellydance is very near & dear to my soul. In fact, I first learned about bellydance through my own interest in meditative & sacred dance practices more than 15 years ago! It was back in 1994 that my own love for meditative movement inspired further research. It didn’t take long for bellydance to come up in my search as it is considered to be rooted in the worlds most ancient dance practices. Continue reading

Sacred Geometry of Bellydance

The ancient art of bellydance is based on natural, organic movement that can be recognized as being present at the roots of all creation. Many anthropologists have hypothesised that the first humans danced as a means of resonating with these patterns and celebrating there connection to the oneness of life itself. Continue reading