Registration and Studio Policies

Please Register Responsibly
Class passes are intended as a discounted rate offering to students taking weekly classes consecutively. Attendance without a class pass costs $20 per class (cash only) at the door and  admission is on a ‘space permitting’ basis. If you have a class pass and you miss a class, you can make it up by attending another class on the schedule within the same time frame as your current class pass. No refunds, transfers or credits for missed classes once your pass has expired. The best classes to drop into as  make-up classes are the Monday 5:30p Beginners technique class and the Wed 5:30p Bellydance Fitness Flow class

Purchase Class Passes 
One 8-week course/class pass $120
Two 8-Week courses/classes $225 (includes1 free class)
Two classes weekly per month (4-weeks) $120 per month
Monthly Unlimited  (4-weeks) $155  (*Best deal when yo are taking 3+ classes weekly!!!)
Drop-in is $20 *Cash only* at the door

If you pay on these PayPal links here, please leave me a note with your payment giving me your name, email and best phone number for texting.  I also take payments thru Venmo and Zelle. Call/text me and Ill text you my  info to pay or I can take your payment details over the phone. 480.748.1671

Classes missed due to absence are made up by taking classes at the same or lower level within the time frame of your current/valid class pass. Any unused classes on your card at expiration date are not transferable to new class terms or to other students. Class passes may not be used for special events & workshops. In the event class is cancelled by the studio for holiday, travel or illness class passes are automatically credited appropriately.


Please be sure I have your current phone number & email address incase I need to cancel class. When class is cancelled your class pass will automatically be credited. As a general rule we do not have class on holidays.

All classes with the exception of the bellydance fitness class are structured in sequential, 8-week course format. Regular attendance is required to progress. Beginners can start the beginning classes anytime. Its typical for beginners students to be in beginners classes for a minimum of 1 year or longer before progressing to intermediate

Be ready to start class on time. Arrive a few minutes early to allow time to sign in, change clothes etc. It’s important to participate in the warm up and cool-down sections of class in order to not incur injure.  If you arrive late, warm yourself up in the back of class and join class when ready. If you have to leave early, be sure to do some cool down stretches on your own as soon as you can. 

Dress Code
Wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement but does not inhibit instructor from seeing your movement.  Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes in class as it causes respiratory problems in some people. Also please observe good hygiene. We all perspire in class so please wear deodorant.  

Classroom Behavior
Please respect your teacher, classmates and class time by not socializing during class time. Before and after class is when socializing is appropriate.

Direct all questions about technique/choreography to the instructor. Do not ask your class mates to teach you material you missed by being absent. Instead, make arrangement to attend another class within current class session to make up the class you missed or arrange for a private class to get caught up.  Private instruction/coaching is available for $150 hr

Please resist the urge to answer other students’ questions for the instructor. If you think you may have some insight that can help then ask permission to offer it first. Your understanding may be different than the philosophy & technique being taught

Please be prepared & ready to learn by bringing notebook, hip scarf, zills, veil (intermediate) to every class. Hips scarves & finger cymbals are available for purchase at the studio.

Students advance to the next level once they accomplish the objectives of each level. All students must ‘test out’ to move to the next level. Once they test out they can join the next level at the start of the next new session

The school offers an annual student recital shows in which all students may participate. Other performance opportunities are available to intermediate and higher dancers. Those who agree to participate in performance opportunities must be currently enrolled in class, must attend all rehearsals unless excused by the director & have the required costuming.

Intellectual property
 Students understand that all choreographies & dance combos taught at the studio are the intellectual property of Carrie Konyha / Lotus School of Bellydance and may not be used outside of class or student performances without permission from the choreographer.

Students may be suspended or expelled from the school for disruptive behavior or non-payment of tuition in which case the student is still responsible for the debt. I reserve the right to dismiss students from class that are being disruptive, rude, intoxicated or otherwise causing disturbance.