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Directed by award winning, world class dancer Carrie Konyha, White Lotus School of Bellydance offers the most comprehensive, authentic Middle Eastern dance training & education available in Arizona. We encourage community involvement & offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a creative addition to your fitness goals, enjoy dancing as a recreational hobby, like dancing as a holistic practice, aspire to perform  or are serious about training for a professional career in bellydance (performing or teaching), we have classes and a track of learning made just for you!

Our curriculum is segmented into  into three paths of learning ; Technique , Performance & Personal development. Studying all tracks of learning is optimum for students with performance goals. The integral focus of our curriculum facilitates the development of  unique style while capturing the authentic flavor of middle eastern dance. See below for complete class style and level descriptions. See class schedule for current schedule

Technique classes (T)
Class structure includes warm ups, clear movement breakdowns, movement drills and integration of movements through short dance combinations, skill building exercises & education in dance theory. Although strict choreography is not taught in technique classes, choreographic sequences & essential performing / stage dynamics will be taught.

Performance Classes (P)
The performance classes focus on teaching students solo & group  choreographies & dance making theory. Includes skill building exercises that cultivate the development of performance skills.  All students taking performance class must also be enrolled in one additional technique class weekly.

Dance Fitness (F)
We offer yoga & dance classes/workshops that facilitate personal development thru movement. Great for students interested in exploring movement as fitness, meditation  & medium for  holistic wellness.

Specialty classes & Workhops
Supplement your technique training with specialty class series & workshops  that offer students a space to explore historical & contextual aspects of bellydance while  refining a variety of performance skills.  Specialty classes & workshops include technique drills,  dancing with props ( veil, sword, zills),  Rhythm based dance combinations, folkloric dances, Choreography theory and more. Workshop themes here

Classical Bellydance Classes
a blending of traditional Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese forms

Beginners I (T)
This course is designed for students new to belly dance or seeking a belly dance refresher. No dance experience necessary. Students will learn basic belly dance technique, including posture, movement isolation, traveling steps, simple combinations & beginning level finger cymbal instruction with breakdown of musical timing & simple dance combinations. Class will include a brief introduction to the history, context, and philosophy of belly dance and  provides students with a solid foundation to build upon.

Beginners  II (T)
Build upon the movement repertoire taught in beginners level 1 with a focus refine your technique skills. begin exploring beginners level layering, learn variations of foundational movements, learn beginners veil dancing technique and develop stronger zill playing skills. (veil & zill drills in each class)

Kids Bellydance class (T)a 45 minute class for young girls in the 6 thru 9 age group. Student  learn basic belly dance technique including posture, movement isolations, traveling steps, turns & simple dance combinations in a fun learning environment.

Intermediate  I (T)
Dancers begin a more focused approach to classial bellydance form, technical precision and learing to use movement to their full potential as students practice more intense isolation drills with layering to bring body strength, coordination & endurance to the next level. Drill ‘spacial awareness’ exersises in preparation group & solo choreographies, Learn rhythm based movements, zill playing &  dance combinations, deepen your understanding of middle eastern musicality & how to dance in relation to the music while begining a more focuses approach to improvisational skills & creating your own dance combinations. Class includes dance technique, theory,  intermediate finger cymbal & veil instruction, Prerequisite: Studentsthat have gained proficiency of  beginners levels I & II curriculum

Intermediate II (P)
Refinement of intermediate technique through learning  intermediate choreographies.  Emphasis is placed on spins, entrance steps, speed & control , layering,  performance presence development, body carriage, rhythmic & musical interpretation. Prerequisite: students who have gained proficiency of Intermediate  technique curriculum

White LotusPerformance prep class (P)
Open to students who are performing in the White Lotus Bellydance performance co. Students learn, practice & develop the many skills needed for performance as they are learing group choreographies & strategies for improvisation

Advanced  I (T)
For dancers who have mastered proficiency in the Intermediate level  curriculum &  desire to develop professional level technique & dance making skills. Learn complex shimmy & layering techniques, drill advanced dance combinations & veil dancing  while developing consistiancy with speed & control, develop stage presence, develop complex zill playing skills, Learn improvisation & choreography strategies, develop artistry & style

Advanced  II (T)
Teaches students all components of a full traditional style bellydance routine. learn to recognize various styles of bellydance/music, continue development of improvisational skills, learn choreography strategies, develop comfortability & fluidity with complex layering, advanced zill patterns including 6/8 & 9/8 rhythms,  stage space utilization, stage presence, mastery of dance artistry and more. Prerequisite: students with proficiency in intermeniate technique & have completed one full round of of advanced I  technique  class.

Tribal Bellydance Classes
(rooted in folkloric arabic dance with a focus on synchronized  group improvisation)

Beginners Tribal  I (T)
Students learn the basic tribal posture, fast & slow moves, steps & turns. Suitable for absolute beginners

Beginners Tribal  II (T)
Students begin a more focuses approach form, simple cueing, short dance combinations while beginning exploring simple group formations . Prerequisite: students that have completed 1 full term of tribal I are eligible for this class.

Intermediate Tribal I (T)
Students are introduced to our level II movements & combos while taking a more focused approach to leading moves. students get introduced to duet, trio & quartet group formations . Prerequisite: proficiency in beginners tribal I & II

Intermediate Tribal Bellydance II (T)
Dancers work towards mastering the intermediate level movement repertoire as they polish skills in synchronized group improvisation thru drilling duet, trio, quartet formations with lead changes feeding up from basic chorus line formation.
Prerequisite: students who have competed one full term of  Intermediate I  tribal technique

Advanced Tribal  I (T/P)
Dancers learn advanced tribal dance combinations as they refine Goup improv skills.  Prerequisite: Proficiency in Beginning & Intermediate levels of the White Lotus Tribal format.

Advanced Tribal Bellydance II (T/P)
Dancers work towards mastery of advanced tribal combos & technique skills as they learn advanced strategies for group improv performance including secondary leads, musicality, stage presence & artistry. tribal skirt + tribal sword techniques also taught.

Dance Fitness

HipFit (F) open to all levels
An integrative, holistic dance-fitness program for women designed exclusively for the female body, mind and spirit. Burn calories, release stress and get your energy flowing in the firs half of class with fun & easy to follow, ancient feminine dance movements of Belly Dance & Bollywood Dance traditionally practiced by women of the orient to achieve holistic wellness! In the second half of class,we move deeper into the body with Pilates inspired body sculpting & toning core work before easing into a luxurious Yoga stretch/cool down segment promoting balance, flexibility & inner peace. A fun, feminine & creative fitness class that feels more like a celebration than a workout but don’t let that fool you. This leading edge feminine fitness system promises amazing results!